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Jim Wofford on Flickr [13 Aug 2008|01:00pm]

Stumbled upon this and thought some of you might be interested: Jim Wofford, eventing legend, outdoorsman, and cute old man, has a Photostream complete with captions. It's mostly stuff that's been in his PH column or his books, but there's some other stuff, too. I thought it was super neat and kind of squealed when I found it, haha.
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dummy's guide to studs? [30 Jul 2008|07:56am]

In the shoes, that is--not stallions!

After a scary slippery moment at an XC school the other day, I'm giving serious thought to having stud holes added the next time my beastie is shod. I've screwed them in on other people's horses, but never had them before on my own...what do I need? What do I need to know?

Ridiculously vague question and I'm sorry for it, but I don't even really know what I don't know, at this point...
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Beware of Thefts! [22 Jul 2008|10:22am]

[ mood | angry ]

I saw a recent BB posting about a trailer being stolen from the main Kentucky Horse Park parking lot this past weekend. (below is a link to the NetPosse flyer) Back in May, our relatively small local event had 2 people report bridles missing after they went to walk their XC.

I don't know if it's the economy driving people to desperation or if our community has just been far too trusting and open for too long and it's now catching up with us.

Please, everyone... when you're at events, please be mindful of things going on around you. Keep an eye not only on your equipment but on your fellow competitors as well. No matter how your competition goes, it will make for a shitty weekend if you end up with stolen tack.

Link to Trailer (and saddle) flyer on NetPosse from this past weekend at KHP

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In efforts to get to know everyone a little better.. [03 Jun 2008|08:27pm]

What area do you compete in?

What shows are you doing for the remainder of this season? At what level?

I'm in Area II - live in Bluemont, VA and my barn is in Upperville, VA. This is the first season in 3 years that I actually have a horse that is capable of doing anything USEA recognized. He has gone through training and I've (oh-long-time-ago) schooled through training. We're both very rusty and taking things very slow, so we have plans to go Rubicon and Surefire at BN this month. We'll see how we go and make a plan for the rest of the season. :)
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BBs [21 May 2008|03:16pm]

I just wanted to say:

Thank GOODNESS the people on in this community seem way more reasonable than those in other forums.

Thank you for being good about questions, giving non-snarky answers to non-snarky posts, etc.

Sometimes, praise should be given when deserved :)
Humans tend to focus way too much on bad things.
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fitness at the lower levels [20 May 2008|11:45am]

I've heard a million times that most horses don't need any special conditioning at Beginner Novice and Novice.  But I am paranoid...!  And thought this might be a fun thing to discuss 'round these here parts.

What do you do to ensure and/or reassure yourself that your horse is ready to get through a horse trial or event (at whatever level) in good order?

What do you do to ensure that you yourself are ready to do the same?

Weekly schedules, interval plans, basic tests of fitness--there's one in the Wofford book, something like being able to comfortably canter twice the length of your XC course--would all be swell.

So!  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Advice to stop worrying and love the trot sets?
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Men that ride in english gear [30 Apr 2008|08:01pm]

Hey, I made a community called menthatride. I wanted to see if we have any male riders out there that would like to comment on how they like being in a women dominated field. Please comment on your experiences or help us poor ladies find you. thanks
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Where is everyone? [19 Apr 2008|10:14am]

This community has been VERY quiet...

Where is everyone?

How are your horses?

Have you competed yet this season?
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[25 Dec 2007|06:49pm]

as long as your feet don't touch the ground.... it's not a "fall" !!! :-D yay

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The Alligator Problem (A Satire...) [14 Oct 2007|05:22pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Ok whoever wrote this must have had to deal with the government and/or the DPI before!!!!

The Alligator Problem (A Satire...)

The objective of all should be to analyse thoroughly all situations, anticipate all problems prior to their occurrence, have answers for these problems, and move swiftly to solve these problems when called upon...however...when you are up to your arse in alligators, it is difficult to remind yourself that your initial objective was to drain the swamp.
The country has been under siege from an outbreak of Alligators. Now we all need to follow the Alligator Eradication and/or Relocation in View of Excessive Terror Plan - AERVETPLAN. Copies of this can be found all over the place if you people just bother to have a look.

Recent media reports have suggested that spraying the alligators with Glen 20 or dipping shoes in baths of Dettol have been ineffective in warding off the alligators - this is incorrect, the alligators have spread because of PEOPLE LIKE YOU who are the WEAK LINK and who don’t believe in what you are being told. Those of you who claim that the alligators are simply walking or swimming from one property to the next, and there’s nothing able to stop them, you have no proper grasp of the way these alligators actually spread. Those that claim there are people unconnected with the swamp industry, wandering round unaware they are unwittingly spreading these alligators, it is your job to inform them - tackle them to the ground if necessary, and dip them in antiseptic before they do more damage! We WILL get on top of these alligators - we just haven’t given it enough time and effort. And if you don’t jack up your ideas and try harder, you will be fined $30,000.

Another problem is the perception that an actual increase in the number of alligators has been seen by the uninformed to indicate that the AERVETPLAN is not working - this is rubbish, the alligators have only colonised the swamp, which is where we expected them to go all along. For those who have pointed out that they have gone beyond the projected boundaries - this is rubbish, we were just not aware of quite how far how far the swamp extended. This strain of alligator rarely eats people anyway, if they get you, there is very chance you'll get over it so don't panic.

It is also obvious to anyone who bothers to think about it, that an actual INCREASE in the number of alligators is a CLEAR INDICATION that the strategy is working and that it merely heralds a DRAMATIC FALL in the number of AIPs (Alligator Infested Properties) that is about to occur, any minute now - honestly, I don’t know how simple I have to make it for you people!

The uninformed have been asking all along for Alligator Guns to shoot the alligators - we don‘t agree with this strategy, because if the landscape is littered with dead alligators, we will have problems working out where the live ones are. There is always the risk that one of the “dead” alligators might be not quite dead and it could go off and breed. I know Alligator Guns were used overseas, but this was a short-sighted attempt that does not guarantee that the alligators might not come back some time in the future, and you would have to buy bullets constantly and no-one wants that expense, particularly not the government! It is true that we have distributed some Alligator Guns, but only to the Swamp Racing Authority, they have to go ahead with their business of what sort of state would we be in? We need the Swamp Racing Carnival revenue or we will have to levy Alligator Management Fees from the rest of you. And you can’t have any Alligator Guns, you’re so surrounded by them they’re about to get you anyway and it would be a waste of resources, I’d be surprised if you could even aim straight, so don’t bother asking. If we have any left over, we'll think about giving them out later, so stop complaining that you are "sitting ducks"!

Those people who have been stalwart in keeping alligators off their properties in the Red Zones - well done! As a reward for your diligence, you will receive absolutely no assistance - but please inform us as soon as the alligators actually get you, it is important for our statistics.

To the people in the South who have been concerned about reports of alleged alligator sightings - we can assure you that no alligators are permitted to travel across the border, which as you know consists of an unfenced, unpatrolled section of country, one or two of the many highways into which may or may not be manned by a guy who occasionally pulls up cattle trucks. They’d spot an alligator a mile off! And don’t expect the police to waste their time, they are busy catching criminals! It may be that there have been sightings of the odd lizard down there but certainly no alligators, if you were experts you would immediately spot the difference.

I would like to assure everyone once again that every effort is being made to eradicate the alligators, we have done a survey and the overwhelming response was that everyone wanted to turn back time, to the Pre-Alligator Era. We are confident that this can be achieved, as evidenced by the predicted meteoric increase in the number of AIPs and the apparently exponential number of alligators out there. We knew this would happen, so we are still in control of the situation.

Assistance is available to anyone who applies, as long as they are in possession of an ABN - yes, I can hear all the hobbyists squealing, but if you were paying taxes for your swamp recreational activities you would be entitled to handouts. If you don’t like the situation, go and get another sort of job until the alligator crisis passes. There are some jobs with the Alligator Management Authority coming up, put your name down and we will eventually let the agencies know what sort of workers are needed, bit too busy now but we will definitely get around to it soon.

In the meantime, keep up those disinfection protocols and remember, as soon as the temperature gets to 37 degrees, the alligators will probably stop breeding! And furthermore, we expect that as soon as they run out of swamp, the problem will burn itself out!

Anyway, better go, I have a meeting in half an hour with the Director of Swamp Racing about retaining a stockpile of Alligator Guns for the big carnival - as long as we get through that, I am sure everything will sort itself out….

Portnoy Obfuscate
Minister For Alligator Control

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[23 Sep 2007|05:30pm]

well we have some lovely prizes for the raffle opening 1st of November...
Bates "Momentum" eventing saddle
service to smart chicaboonsmal
service to TMD legend of roc
Bucus Rugs package
Artwork in pencil by Sage Carlson signed by Heath & Rozzie Ryan
Artwork in pastel by Micheal Lisser signed by natalie siiankoski
artwork by Jan Ellis, Tellisa kearton, Trish Minchin, and Carolyn Huntley
embroidered hand towels
and hand crocheted rug
eskadron sheepskin halter
4 hi-lite pro helmets
6 saddleworld polar fleece vests
ladies size 10 top of the line drizabone
$100 saddleworld rockhampton voucher
shires diamond rug (600d waterproof with 220g polyfill, pink diamond 6'9
GG Austrlai easy mover combo (600d with 220g ployfill 5'3)
Equilibrium open front jumping boots and hind fetlock boots and saddlecloth
hoofbeats subs + advertisement
4 x horse magazine subs
10 bags of coprice
Ariat portola jacket
10 x day one "Equestrian Triequathon" photo cd's
2 x SSG gloves
3 bags barastoc equibix
2 x performance horse magazine subs
2 x K-mac equestrian and country clothing $50 vouchers
Cooma turnout rug and neckrug
ashton turnout rug
and much more!!!

keep an eye on the horses and people website for tickets to go onsale!


cross posted to eventing_wht & eventers everywhere journals
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Events and other stuff [09 Sep 2007|12:31am]

[ mood | cold ]

well, we had a meeting of the WHT committee the other night, and came to the conclusion that we couldn't let the past events of the 2007 World Cup Eventing Qualifier let us down...so here we go again!!!!

We have submitted 3 dates to the state and federal equestrian bodies for consideration along with the request to host an OLYMPIC qualifier (since a lot of them have been cancelled due to EI)
it will be a lot of hard work but I'm sure we have the expertise and the proven track record that we can do it!

The raffle is almost ready for unveiling and tickets will be available soon! A big thank you to Trish Minchin and Sage Carlson for organising this... I know the riders/grooms/owners will be grateful

My horses all seem fine at the moment, keeping fingers crossed that it doesn't spread this way... It is interesting the way some ppl react to it though...if you believe the rumours every single horse in the district has EI! which is untrue... so people please don't overreact, if there is no red quarantine sign on the gate the property is clear... be vigilant with hygiene, avoid contact with infected horses if you are able, and if you can't please avoid contact with horses that don't have it. PLEASE DON"T TRANSPORT YOUR HORSES unless it is necessary and make sure you have the correct permits! If you suspect your horse has EI contact the DPI immediately, as well as check your horses temperature...

other half should be home in a few days I hope... I have been watching Dukes of Hazzard (since there is SFA on telly anyway) while he has been away, big thanks to tracey for that one...

Is bloody cold tonight...looking forward to the warmer weather!

see ya

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shameless spam [04 Sep 2007|12:09am]

ok... sorry...
just wanted to let you know that for those of you who want to know what is happening in the Aussie eventing world (and those who are locked down at Morgan Park because of EI) 
I have a started a Warwick Horse Trials Community...EVERYONE is welcome
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EI outbreak cancel's World Cup Qualifier and strands top Aussie riders [29 Aug 2007|11:00pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Hi Just letting you know what is happening down under...
There has been an outbreak of Equine Influenza A in Australia. I am secretary and event secretary of the Warwick Horse Trials.
we had a pretty good day running on the first day but unfortunately disrster struck on Sunday and we had call back.
we currently have 250 horses on the ground for up to another 30 days, this will put their owners in a hard financial situation...especially for those who keep it in mind.
So far we are getting along ok with local businesses supplying product and support. at least we can get advice from the top riders as they are stranded here to...
This is the final of 2 world cup qualifiers that are held in Aus, so it was a real blow when we had to cancel on sunday morning.

see ya
www.horsedeals.com.au havesome lovely photo's that were taken over the course of the weekend.

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[13 Jul 2007|10:55pm]

I was just wondering how you guys displayed your horse ribbons around your room?

I have so many around mine and i just don't know how to display them correctly or in any kind of cool way. help?
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[09 Jul 2007|08:19pm]

Some of you may know me, some may not. I post here semi-frequently. I just wanted to let people know that I have gotten a new username, threedaydreams . If your on my FL I would love if you would add my new journal so we can still keep in touch. If you aren't on my FL, I always love new people! You can read about me (current info) on my new journal if you would like. Anywyas, happy riding!

And I'm sorry for those of you who see this like tenmillion times
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Ian Stark Clinic [02 Jul 2007|08:37pm]

Just finished the Ian Stark Clinic this past weekend and got some great photos. This one is my favorite. GO BRAVE SPIRIT!!!
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Need your help [21 Jun 2007|11:45pm]

So the camp I belong to leases out horses for the winter since otherwise they sit in a pasture in the middle of winter. Anyway one of the horses never can back and so the camp is asking for help. If anyone can print out this flyer and post it in their stable maybe there will be a chance to find him. Here's the website: http://www.netposse.com/stolenmissing/missing_1/TyOHmissingNov06.htm
and here is the fly website: http://www.netposse.com/stolenmissing/pdfflyers/TyOHmissingNov06.pdf

Thank you in advance!
Exposted to ,equestrian,and horselovers
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WE HAVE A BABY on the way!!!! [13 Jun 2007|06:55pm]


This is from this mare

and this stallion
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Pass it on - the future of eventing. [14 May 2007|07:25pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

This thread on the Chronicle of the Horse boards is VERY interesting and has some excellent information in it. I urge you all to check it out, voice your opinions, and most of all, pass it on!! If we're going to save our sport, we first have to combat ignorance. Only a well informed community can make well informed decisions!


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